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If you live in Florida, you either have a lanai or cage around your outdoor pool area. Screens and lanai can help keep pests, animals, and weather from bothering your outdoor area and are custom made to your specifications. When there are tears, damage, or even if you’re looking to re-cage your area, Cage Restoration Masters has you covered. Providing excellent customer service and expert craftsmanship, we can restore and repair any cage or lanai, no matter the size!


Cage Restoration Masters is unlike most cage repair companies in Sarasota, because we aren’t intimidated by large projects. For all jobs, we have specific insurance policies that cover medical costs in the event of injury, so you don’t have to! We work with all cage sizes, types, and styles, allowing us to have flexibility in taking on any job!


Whenever there is damage to our cages or screens, or even deterioration over time, having it repaired quickly is crucial to keep out bugs and protect your property. Cage Restoration Masters can perform exceptional repairs on screen or lanai enclosures no matter what type of screen you use. Our repairs are seamless, and we can ensure that tap cons are secured and the repair is unnoticeable! Click here to learn more about screen and cage repair by Cage Restoration Masters by clicking here!

Screen Repair

Whenever our cages or lanai have tearing or damage, fixing them as soon as possible is your first mission! Cage Restoration Masters specializes in fixing and repairing cages of any size, screen, or color!

Cage Painting

Over the years, our cages may lose their original color due to damage from the weather or just long-term use. Having a fresh coat of paint over your frame can revive your cage or lanai to look brand new!

Pressure Washing

Our cages, decks, and outdoor areas can get covered with dust, dirt, and other elements to discolor and create an unlikable look. Cage Restoration Masters can provide pressure washing services individually or as part of repair to have your property looking good as new!

Screen Door Installations

Are you pets destroying your cage because they want to be let out? Are you looking to create easier access to your cage or lanai? Cage Restoration Masters can not only repair cages, but install pet doors and entrances to your existing cage! The addition can be done to look like its always been part of your screen, matching color, screen, and style!

Deck Painting

Every Floridian knows that being able to sit outside and enjoy the weather is the best way to relax. Many of us have decks or porches that we use, and having your deck painted to match your home only improves the aesthetic. With a variety of colors, staining and sealants, we can have your porch in tip top shape!

Garage Floor Painting

Garage’s can be spaces or our cars, workshops, or art studios, and having a custom color of flooring can add to the atmosphere! Cage Restoration Masters can paint your garage floor with a color of your choice!

Read Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients!

Cage Restoration Masters did a fantastic job painting and re-screening my pool cage. The workers showed up on time and were very polite. Tony was easily accessible.  Tony and his workers would listen to our concerns and happily satisfied our needs.  They did all this at an honest price. I would recommend their services. - Rodney G.

Resonable price and quick turn around. They were able to complete the job (after tropical storm) before I got an estimate from others. Tony the owner appreciates your business, he took care of an issue for me at no extra expense. Will use them again. - EK H.

"affordable way to do it. On top of the 4 panels they replaced, which look beautiful btw, I dont know how Jason fixed those panels waay up there, but Tony could have recommended things I needed that I most certainly needed and would have gotten, such as door kits to make my doors close again and panels to be rescreened . Instead, he had Jason fix my doors at no cost and on 2 panels, he just rolled the spline back in, instead of charging me for an entire replacement. Just these issues alone that I wasnt charged for, saved me approx. $200, I later found out. They didnt even mention it or try to get credit for their good deeds. Very honorable. Its little things like this you dont find too much these days. Good deeds and humbleness....great character you two. Sorry I didnt get to tell you in person.....👏👏" - Jason T.