Although our main service is cage and lanai restoration, Cage Restoration Masters also offers other services to improve your outdoor space! We offer door and pet door installations into your existing screen, deck and garage painting, and pressure washing. Improving the exterior home can create comfortable spaces to relax in, all while matching the style of your home! Learn more about each by reading below!


If you have an existing cage or lanai and are looking to provide easier access, installing a door or pet door for your fury friend can help! Cage Restoration Masters can professionally install doors of all types, designs, and screens to pair with your existing structure! We can match your existing cage style, and ensure all tap cons are still in place to ensure your cage is properly secured. If your pet has been making a mess of your existing screen, a pet door can be discreetly installed to allow for easier access to your yard!


If you have a deck either in your cage, ore out, Cage Restoration Masters can perform deck painting, staining, and sealing. Not only does deck painting change the look of your deck, creating a style that matches your home design, but protects against elements! Painting, staining, or waterproofing can provide hydrophobic (rejects water) properties that protect against water and potential algae and mold growth!


If you’re looking to improve your garage space, why not consider painting your garage floor! Cage Restoration Masters offers garage floor painting of any color or style to transform your space! Garage floor painting doesn’t just create a stylish addition, but can be used to create more friction and protect the flooring underneath the paint! We ensure the job looks smoothed to perfection and covers every inch!


Pressure washing is a fantastic way to clean outdoor areas without the hassle! Pressure washing uses high pressured water to remove algae, dirt, mold, and other messes that attach to your siding, driveways, cages and more! Pressure washing can revive the old look of your home to reveal whatever is washed to appear brand new! With each cage restoration job done by cage Restoration Masters, we provide pressure washing to have your cage or lanai looking good as new!