Whether your cage just looks worn down from years of use, or has a whole or section that needs patching, Cage Restoration Masters is your go too for all your needs! Cages help keep our outdoor areas secured against weather, bugs, and animals easily, making it a crucial part of your home! When there’s damage to our existing cages, finding a professional company to return it to its former state may be difficult to find. Cage Restoration Masters is the best in our industry, working on small and large cages alike! To learn more about our repairs and restoration, read below!


When we see damage on our cages, we know that fixing the issue is of utmost importance. Cage Restoration Maters stands out from or competition because we take on the jobs that most companies decline. With our insurance policy that proacts our clients from liability, we easily can repair and restore larger and taller cages! Each installation ensures that tap cons are properly secured to the ground and power washing to avoid any debris from installation or past mess! We ensure that our clients feel satisfied in the repair and aftercare of their cage. All cages can be repaired to match any existing color or screen to maintain your areas style!. At Cage Restoration Masters, we put our clients first!


There are different types of screens for outdoor cages that we work with for repairs. No matter what color or style you have, we can match your replaced screen to the existing one!

Florida Glass

A thicker screen, Florida Glass screens can ensure that nothing slips through your screen and provides a privacy film! This is a fantastic option if you perform a lot of yard work, or even want extra security and privacy at your pool area!

No See Um

This style of screen is perfect for any homeowner that gets bothered by the cousin of the mosquito, No See Um’s. These pests are problematic when they invade our pool or outdoor areas, but this screen is made with small holes that even they can’t sneak into!

Standard Pfifer

This traditional screen usually comes in darker colors and small holes to keep out bugs. This style allows for fantastic airflow, while protecting anything inside!

Frame 1920w


Sometimes, all our cages or lanai need is a fresh coat of paint to bring it back to life! Damage can be caused for a variety of reasons: weather damage, pet damage, or even just aging. Instead of opting for an entirely new frame which can cost you thousands, painting is a fantastic option! Cage Restoration Masters can repaint your cage frame to its existing color or even go for a new shade if you're looking to change things up!


For every repair, we begin with an evaluation of your cage. Don’t worry about the size of your cage as we can repair any dimension of screen! After providing you with a quote for the repair, we will begin the repairs and gather all materials needed to complete the job. We “wreck out” the existing frame and damage, removing pool screen, spline, and replacing screws and fasteners as needed. We then repair the damage and finish by pressure washing the entire cage. After it dries, we will apply several cats of paints to the frame to match your existing color and voila! Your cage is as good as new and this time, will last!